Resources for HSRs and Unions

The Psychosocial Safety Toolkit for HSRs provides Health and Safety Representatives with essential guidance, tools, and knowledge to assess and manage psychosocial hazards in their workplace or designated work group (DWG). This comprehensive resource includes national guidance material, step-by-step instructions, online and paper surveying tools, action planning templates, hierarchy of control guidance, implementation strategies, and educational posters.

The Psychosocial Community of Practice is a standalone website offering a comprehensive suite of resources, education, and training for HSRs, Union Organisers, Officials, and Delegates. Key tools available include step-by-step guides for addressing workplace psychosocial hazards, fact sheets for each recognised hazard, hierarchy of control guidance, risk management action plan templates and examples, implementation strategy guidance, example PIN and cease work notices, educational posters, survey tools (hard copy and digital), state-based external resources and guidance, and social media and WhatsApp groups for community support.

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The Hierarchy of Controls is a framework used to minimise or eliminate exposure to hazards in the workplace. While it is relatively straightforward to apply this framework to physical hazards, applying it to psychosocial hazards can be much more complex and confusing. Mind Your Head’s Hierarchy of Controls for Psychosocial Hazards Booklet is a single-resource containing guidance, examples and steps for the Elimination, Substitution, Isolation, Engineering Controls, Administrative Controls and PPE for each Psychosocial Hazard identified in the model code of practice.