Resources for Unions & HSRs.

Psychosocial Community of Practice

The Psychosocial Community of Practice has been developed as a stand-alone website which provides a full suite of resources, education and trainings for HSRs, Unions Organisers, Officials and Delegates.

Some of the available tools include:

Step by step guides for addressing workplace Psychosocial Hazards

-Fact Sheets for each recognised Psychosocial Hazard

-Hierarchy of Control guidance for each psychosocial hazard

-Risk Management Action plan templates and examples

-Implementation strategy guidance for action plans

-Example PIN and cease work notices

-Educational Posters for workplaces

-Survey tools to measure psychosocial safety in the workplace (hard copy and digital)

-State-Based external resources and guidance

-Social and Whatsapp groups

As this resource is only available to union affiliates you must register for access.

To register for access to the Community of Practice, please click here.