Work is a significant factor in people’s mental health. We know that meaningful, rewarding, good work can impact positively on our mental health. Equally we know that issues such as high workloads, customer and client aggression and poor workplace relationships can adversely impact on workers’ mental health.

Work-related psychological injury has consequences for employees and employers. A mentally healthy workplace takes positive steps to prevent harm by identifying mental health hazards, managing harm from an early stage, and supporting recovery – just like we would with physical hazards at work.


We’re taking action to protect workplace mental health…
The Mind Your Head Program is an initiative of The Australian Council of Trade Unions and is committed to bringing employers, workers, unions, insurers and renowned academics together to improve workplace mental health and prevent injury.

The aims of Mind Your Head are to:

  • Raise the priority of mental health and safety to sit equal to treatment of physical health and safety
  • Educate and develop workers, HSRs, Managers and Leaders to understand work-related mental health risk factors and the relationship with WHS
  • Provide tools and resources for workplaces to create mentally safe systems of work
  • Facilitate engagement with workers, HSRs, managers and leaders to work together to create mentally healthy work
  • Review and analyse the interventions to determine best practice and create a community that learns from each other
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For Workers, Mind Your Head also provides comprehensive resources, information and guidance regarding workplace mental health and psychosocial hazards.
For Unions and Health and Safety Representatives, a full suite of tools, resources, trainings and education is available.


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